Greta Van Susteren just couldn’t contain herself when she saw this ‘tasteless’ tweet from CNN

Greta Van Susteren leveled a scathing rebuke at CNN for choosing to mark as “exclusive” a report on Sen. John McCain’s brain cancer diagnosis.

The former host at Fox News and MSNBC called out CNN for being “tasteless” in a tweet on Wednesday following the news about McCain.

CNN apparently claimed the exclusive as their Dr. Sanjay Gupta had exclusive access to speak to the Arizona Republican’s doctors, according to The Daily Caller.

McCain’s cancer was discovered after surgery was performed to remove a blood clot above his left eye. Prayers and words of encouragement poured in as news broke Wednesday, with everyone from congressional colleagues, President Trump and countless Americans responding.

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This was hardly the time, in Van Susteren’s eyes, to boast about a journalistic feat.

She clarified by pointing out the difference between the terms “breaking news” and “exclusive.”

Van Susteren started her television news career at CNN back in 1994 before moving on to Fox News where she stayed until last year when she announced she would be moving over to MSNBC. That decision proved to be the wrong one, apparently, as the network unceremoniously fired her after less than six months on the air.

Reaction on Twitter seemed mixed as debates ranged from whether it was such a big deal after all to whether anything coming from CNN could even be trusted. Many Twitter users, however, agreed with Van Susteren’s general view.

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