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Trump supporter punches protester in the face… AFTER being hit first. Guess who went to jail?

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Not that you’d know from the media narrative, but a Trump supporter in Hollywood, California, was forced to defend himself after being battered by a violent anti-Trump demonstrator.

The media angle?

“Trump supporter punches 72-year-old demonstrator in the face.”

Supporters of President Donald Trump squared off with anti-Trump demonstrators on Saturday and a man, identified as 72-year-old Greywolf by The Los Angeles Times, can be seen on video arguing with a younger, more stout man.

SG - Hollywood

The exchange is very intense and at one point the older man smacked the Trump supporter, who had both hands behind his back, in the head with his protest sign, which had a wooden handle.

…which proved to be a bad decision.

The stout man proceeded to defend himself, swinging several times until landing a hay-maker, sending his assaulter to the pavement.

SG - Hollywood2

“Do not engage,” a young women is heard saying over the PA system. “This is a peaceful protest.”

Something the older man clearly failed to comprehend.

Greywolf later told The Times he was punched in the face by “a disgruntled Trump supporter.”

And in a sign of today’s political culture, the man defending himself appears to be the one arrested.

Los Angeles police Sgt. Neil Wank told the newspaper one man was arrested on suspicion of battery.

“He was promptly arrested, and I will be filing charges on this guy,” Greywolf claimed.

Tom Tillison


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