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Dad’s firearm lessons pay off in spades when teen daughter bravely thwarts home invader

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A 17-year-old Washington girl thwarted a robbery, and possibly worse, after she confronted the thugs with her dad’s gun.

The girl, Kimber Wood, and her parents and boyfriend were watching the KHQ “Wake Up Show” on Monday when it reported that a car thief was in the area.

Kimber Wood. Image: Screenshot

The boyfriend and parents left for work, and Wood returned to bed, but they were still concerned because Kimber was home alone.

Wood’s boyfriend got more information about the fugitive from police when he spotted them searching for the suspect, and he called to alert Wood that the man had not been caught, KHQ reported.

Wood then called her dad who told her to get his gun to protect herself.

It turned out to be excellent advice.

Wood had grabbed her dad’s gun and placed it under her pillow and went back to bed, until she heard the screen door open.

“I heard it close and that just doesn’t happen. I knew something was wrong,” she told KHQ.

She got the gun and waited.

“I heard footsteps and he went upstairs,” Wood said.

She called her dad, who had trained her how to use firearms, and he stayed on the phone with her as she heard the intruder get closer to her room.

“I was laying right there on the bed and he came in, and that’s when I crawled out, got the gun from my pillow…” she said.

When the intruder opened her door he was in for a surprise.

“He popped in and I said, ‘Who the [expletive] are you?'” she told KHQ. “His head was right there and I had the gun straight in his face and he ran,” the 17-year-old said.

Wood followed the man all the way out of the same door he came in.

“I knew I wanted to be as close to him as I could, and your hands are shaking, but you know you have to have steady aim,” she said.

“I fired a shot at him because I didn’t want him back,” Wood said.

She waited then waited in the home by herself until her parents, and authorities, arrived.

“When I found out a 17-year-old defended herself I thought that’s fantastic,” one deputy told KHQ. “I’m not her dad and I’m proud of her.”

Wood’s dad was also thrilled with how his daughter handled the situation.

“That is something you teach the kids,” he said. “Lessons we went over and over, and you think they’ll never have to use them, and today proved that they did, and it worked.”

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