Beautiful, young, single black woman brilliantly explains how she became a ‘racist, sexist, misogynist’

So, how did Antonia Okafor, a beautiful, young, single, black woman, end up becoming a “racist, sexist, misogynist?”

Okafor’s story begins as a good liberal who voted for Obama twice. But…

“Then something happened, actually several somethings,” Okafor adeptly explains in this compelling PragerU video. “I realized there was a big contradiction in my own life. I considered myself a free thinker, but I was thinking exactly what I was supposed to. I decided to start asking questions.”

She used to make the case for abortion, but then one day she asked herself, “Isn’t it men who benefit most from consequence-free sex?” And how are the women who are never being born “empowered?”

Okafor chronicles several such questions, from guns to the plight of blacks in the inner cities, questions that got her in trouble with her liberal friends but yet found no answers in liberalism.

“These questions did not endear me to my progressive friends. I was called a race-traitor, even by white people, but I’m not anti-black. I am black. I just want to be safe, like Barack,” she laments.

“The more questions I asked, the less popular I became … but I felt better about myself.”

Her intellectual honestly eventually led to physical actions. She bought a gun, advocated for gun-rights, joined the pro-life movement, marched with them, and then “crossed the line” by voting Republican in 2016.

“And that’s how I became a racist, sexist, misogynist,” said Okafor.

If only more people on the “Democratic plantation” would start asking similar questions!

Watch the video below, courtesy of PragerU:

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