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Shep Smith’s snit fit over having to air camera-less WH briefing gives CNN’s Acosta a run for his money

Screenshot of Fox News Channel’s Shepard Smith

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Fox News host Shepard Smith launched into a snit Wednesday over the White House Press Office‘s decision to allow an audio-only recording of that day’s press briefing.

“The news keeps breaking,” he told his viewers. “It’s almost broken. Just a minute ago, a second ago actually — a second ago — hands in the air it ended. The briefing is over. That means we can play it back for you.”

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In addition, the White House only allowed news outlets to release the audio of the daily briefing after it was completed — not in real time as it took place.

“There seems to be some confusion,” he continued. “We’re hearing this, we get to hear it. So we’re not frustrated or upset or anything. We have complete access. We hear it all. We can’t show it to you. If we could, we would. But we can’t. That’s it. Not passing judgment in no way.”

But then he proceeded to pass judgment, with satire as his weapon of choice.

“We get to hear it. And we get to pick what we tell you and what we don’t tell you. We played it out. You can just hear it if you wanted to. If you didn’t want to, you can flip over to The Simpsons or Bugs Bunny or something. But now we’re going to play it for you. We’re going to turn the sound around and let you hear the Q&A with reporters. If you want to hear it, here it is. Here you go.”

TV journalists may hate the idea of camera-less daily briefings, but the White House staff is loving it. When CNN’s Jim Acosta tried to upstage another reporter late last month, White House press secretary Sean Spicer had to remind him to stop the grandstanding with: “There are no cameras on, Jim.”

Acosta has persistently whined about the new briefing rules to no avail. And now, Smith is joining the chorus.


That leaves only one question. Can we use the word “snit” to describe one of Smith’s reactions, or is that considered homophobic? It’s hard to tell these days.

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