Watch the awkward moment MSNBC ditches Lindsey Graham ON AIR in the middle of a sentence

MSNBC picked a curious moment to cut the mic on Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.

Speaking with reporters on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, the South Carolina lawmaker was discussing Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer when a follow up question led Graham to bring up Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

“Okay, so anytime you’re in a campaign and you get offered from a foreign government to help your campaign, the answer is no,” Graham said, speaking to reporters as MSNBC’s congressional reporter Kasie Hunt stood next to him, holding a microphone.

“Definitely he [Trump Jr.] has to testify, that e-mail was disturbing. But what is equally odd to me is that the person they met with knew absolutely nothing so I don’t know why they would pick somebody for him to meet with that didn’t have any information about the Clinton campaign,” Graham continued as Hunt adjusted her earpiece and collar.

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CNN’s Manu Raju then asked the senator a follow up question, but as Graham began to respond, Hunt apparently spotted a more interesting subject and bolted.

“It’s very frustrating for, every couple of weeks, to find out about a new meeting,” Graham began.  “I’m sure they met with a lot of people during the campaign. I’m sure the Clinton campaign met with…”

As he mentioned Clinton, the audio was cut as Hunt took off after Sen. Rand Paul who had just walked by.

“Paul, this way,” she directed the cameraman, who chose to keep the camera on Graham. The senator continued speaking but could no longer be heard.

“Senator Paul. Senator Paul. Do you have half a second?” Hunt’s voice could be heard on the microphone.

Plenty can be speculated about the timing of Hunt’s exit, leaving Graham without sound as he began to say how the Clinton campaign had surely met with foreign governments.

But a reporter bolting from Graham’s immediate side to sprint after another, apparently more interesting, senator seemed to be bad optics for MSNBC.

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The network went back to studio hosts Stephanie Ruhle and Ali Velshi who attempted to transition back smoothly.

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