Malpractice? Manafort should have protected the family in Trump Jr. meeting


Iona College professor Jeanne Zaino made an observation of the whole “Donald Trump Jr. – Russian lawyer” meeting that’s been the center of media controversy all week.

During her appearance on “The Fox News Specialists” Tuesday, she said that attorney Paul Manafort, who was then acting as the president’s campaign manager, could have committed malpractice by allowing the meeting to go forward.

A British publicist with whom Trump Jr. was acquainted emailed the president’s son requesting the meeting. He claimed that Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, had ties to the Kremlin and had dirt on Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton that she wanted to disclose

It turned out that none of this — except for the lawyer’s name — was true.

The meeting was set up and Trump Jr. requested that his brother-in-law Jared Kushner and Manafort join him.

Zaino believed that both the president’s son and son-in-law could be absolved of any wrongdoing due to their political inexperience — not so the campaign manager.

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She admitted that the meeting “was not itself illegal,” but nonetheless added, “I think there was some malpractice here on Paul Manafort’s part because somebody has to be protecting the family in these campaigns.”

Fox News host Eric Bolling argued that they were allowed to meet with foreign nationals.

“This is not straight opposition research,” she countered. “This is Russia. We oppose Russia on almost every ground. If a foreign country comes to you with this type of information you have an obligation to turn that over and Paul Manafort knows that.”

Co-host Eboni Williams opined that something of value had to be exchanged and in this case it would have been the opposition research. Except the Russian lawyer provided no opposition research.

Some on social media were confused by the malpractice assessment — and disagreed on other statements.

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Merriam-Webster defines malpractice as “improper, illegal, or negligent professional activity or treatment, especially by a medical practitioner, lawyer, or public official.”

It defines collusion as “secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others.”


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