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‘Just no’: ACLU shredded for standing with a ‘Jew-hating, misogynistic, and anti-American’ Linda Sarsour

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The American Civil Liberties Union just hit a new low.

The organization that claims to be the “nation’s guardian of liberty” and defender of Constitutional rights proudly announced it was supporting Muslim supremacist, Linda Sarsour.

In a piece on the ACLU website titled, “Muslim, American, & Intersectional: The Activism of Linda Sarsour,” the Women’s March organizer is celebrated for her left-wing causes and for being part of a “new breed of Muslim activists.”

The anti-semitic sharia advocate, who last week issued a call for Muslims to resist President Trump as a form of “jihad,” or holy war, also urged her fellow Muslims not to assimilate into American culture. Sarsour had previously partnered with the ACLU in a lawsuit in New York alleging “unlawful police spying” against Muslims.

When questioned, the ACLU defended itself.

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Sarsour hardly seems like a model for civil rights and the ACLU was deservedly scorched for its stand.

Women’s rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali had condemned Sarsour earlier this year as a “fake feminist” while anti-Sharia and women’s rights activist, Brigitte Gabriel, has equally eviscerated the woman who had once tweeted that she wished she could take away the two women’s vaginas because “they don’t deserve to be women.”

Whatever the ACLU was thinking, it is clear from this latest “stand” with Sarsour that the organization has a long way to go in actually defending the civil liberties and freedoms it claims to fight for.

Social media delivered a well- deserved backlash.

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