Chris Cuomo, still recovering from Kellyanne smackdown, gets clobbered by Trump attorney

CNN host Chris Cuomo took on the president’s attorney Jay Sekulow in the second marathon interview with Trump bigs this week.

On Monday he was schooled by Kellyanne Conway who asked him, point blank, if he was “embarrassed” to be working for a network that is pushing the Russia story nonstop while ignoring actual policy.

On Wednesday Cuomo sought his revenge against Sekulow by pressing him about the emails Donald Trump Jr. revealed showing that he met with a Russian attorney prior to his father’s election.

Sekulow told Cuomo that the only relevant issue is what the president knew about the meeting.

“Let’s focus on what the president was aware of. Nothing. He was not aware of the meeting. Did not attend the meeting and was only informed about the e-mails very recently by his counsel,” he said.

“He was not aware, did not attend, and just found out about the e-mails or saw the e- mails yesterday.”

Sekulow explained that there was no violation of the law in taking the meeting with the lawyer.

“It’s not a violation of the law here,” Sekulow said. “But Donald Trump Jr. yesterday said, ‘It’s the heat of the campaign, there’s a lot of activity going on. It was a 20 minute meeting that did not produce anything.”

“We don’t know that,” the CNN host shot back. “You have such credibility issues here. You don’t know that to be a fact is all I’m saying. You do not know that to be a fact.”

“What do I not know to be a fact?” Sekulow asked.

“You do not know what was said in that meeting and what happened after it for a fact,” Cuomo retorted, as if he does.

“You have no evidence,” Cuomo challenged, neglecting to point out that neither he or the Democrats have any evidence to the contrary.

“Hold it!” Sekulow snapped. “Your network has aired interviews with Natalia saying it did not happen. You put it on the air.”

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Natalia Veselnitskaya is the Russian attorney with whom Trump Jr. met in 2016.

Cuomo, sensing his argument was being systematically destroyed by Sekulow, did his best to frame the argument on the issue of appropriateness.

“I’m not talking about this being illegal,” Cuomo said. “What I’m saying is, you don’t take a meeting with someone who says they’re working for the Russians and want to infiltrate an election. You don’t do that. Why? Because it’s unethical. Why? Because you don’t let Russia interfere in American election. You don’t do that.”

Sekulow pointed out that the DNC and Clinton campaign looked to collude with the Ukraine but no news agency sees the need to report on it.

Cuomo’s only defense?

” Ukraine is not Russia, OK? You can get — you can get research from whomever you want,” he said. “But if you solicit, if you solicit information from a foreign government, let alone a hostile one, you could be in trouble with the FEC. But again, I don’t want to talk about legality.”

Yeah, probably because, as Sekulow said, nothing illegal was done.

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