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CA Sheriff sees state sanctuary law as Dems’ way of ‘sticking it’ to Trump; let’s hope he sticks it right back

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A California sheriff condemned a proposed sanctuary state law as a tool by Democrats to find a way of “sticking it” to President Trump.

Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens disagrees with Senate Bill 54 which seeks to bar U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents from accessing state jails and immigration databases.

“This is a totally political issue,” Hutchens said, citing Democratic Senate President Pro-Tempore Kevin DeLeon’s statement that the potential law is the only way to “stop the Trump deportation machine.”

“It doesn’t take into account the public safety of Californians,” Hutchens told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Tuesday. “There’s no need for this bill. Things have been working fine without it.”

Hutchens explained that not only would she be hindered from doing her job by reporting to ICE officials any violent criminals who are in California jails, the bill would allow the felons to go free leading to federal authorities embarking on searches to find and deport them.

Federal agents will “do search warrants on homes and then people who are here illegally or undocumented and have not committed crimes, they’re going to get scooped up too,” Hutchens said.

ICE is trying to focus on “those individuals who have repeatedly committed offenses, re-entered the country, have criminal records,” she said. “And the fact that we can’t notify them and have to release them to the street is not acceptable to me.”

Carlson asked what was the significance of the proposed law given the fact that California has such a large population of undocumented immigrants.

“It’s a symbolic act aimed at the administration,” Hutchens said. “But, more importantly, places Californians at risk of being impacted by these criminals.”

The sheriff noted that the law puts law enforcement in the “terrible position” of having to violate federal law while, if they instead chose to ignore the state law, they would be facing prosecution.

“So California’s cool with ignoring federal law but ignore their laws, and you’re in trouble,” Carlson remarked. “Good luck, Sheriff Hutchens! We welcome you on the East Coast anytime.”

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