Landlord fined $12,000 for wearing shoes inside Muslim tenant’s home feels ‘powerless and humiliated’

Canadian landlord John Alabi told the Toronto Sun that a tribunal’s ruling “humiliated” him / Source: Screenshot

Call it creeping Sharia, the Islamization of Western society or just plain political correctness gone amok, many consider it wrong.

A Canadian human rights tribunal fined a landlord $12,000 because he wore his shoes inside a Muslim tenant’s home.

The tribunal was obviously not focused on the “human rights” of John Alabi, 52, the landlord who immigrated to Canada 22 years ago to build a better life for himself.

“I was humiliated, I was made to feel I have no rights, I was made to feel that I’m not wanted in society,” Alabi told the Toronto Sun. “I feel powerless. They rented my place for only two months. Two months! It’s just not fair.”

He told the Sun that he has gone above and beyond to try to accommodate the Egyptian-born couple who have occupied his home’s in-law suite, which he rented to them to help pay the bills.

“I go beyond all that. I just see everybody as human beings like me. That’s why I took them in,” he says. “We got along. And then all of a sudden I’m a racist?”

The couple complained about numerous other issues, and even called the police on him, claiming that his shoveling of snow outside their apartment constituted harassment.

When none of their complaints were actionable, they raised the shoe issue as a religious matter — although he’d worn his shoes inside their apartment in the past without comment.

“I have been victimized,” Alabi said. “They are using their religion to victimize me.” To add to his woes the landlord said he doesn’t even have the financial means to pay the fine.

“I don’t have the money. I work very hard. If they go into my bank account right now, I don’t have $12,000 there,” Alabi said.

The conservative news site The Rebel News Service initiated a crowdfunding campaign to help Alabi pay legal costs to fight the fine, and also posted this interview.

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Social media wondered, could this be right? Then realized, yep! That’s Canada for you.


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