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George Lopez tries and fails to cover up his cop-hating ‘deport the police’ tweet

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Comedian George Lopez took his race baiting routine into the stratosphere with his newest social media rant.

On Monday the comedian, and outspoken detractor of President Donald Trump, called for police to be deported in order to “make the streets safer” in a post he made for Instagram.

But, he added, it was not “an indictment of all Law Enforcement” because “some still just beat you.”

Image: Instagram

Lopez, whose comedy routines contain an inordinate amount of anti-white people rhetoric, quickly backtracked and attempted to make light of his disparaging, anti-police remarks by using bad comedy.

He posted a photo of the rock band “The Police” with the caption “I hope this clears up any misunderstanding. Comedy has a way of healing, but I also realize it can hurt too, so let’s let cooler heads prevail.”

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Image: Instagram


The man is a known pro-illegal immigration activist, who disparages white people on a regular basis.

No, there was no misunderstanding.

And judging by his history of telling the president to “suck his a**” and having a woman kicked out of his show because she took offense to his racism, among other offensive statements, it would be tough to convince anyone that he didn’t mean what he said.

And his apology didn’t do a ton to quell the anger on social media.

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