Bette Midler ‘looks-shames’ Trump kids with throwback pic, but it’s OK since she’s a liberal

It’s completely OK to mock people’s looks … as long as you’re a good liberal and the people you are mocking are conservatives. In fact, we’re pretty sure you get extra points if they are related to President Trump.

Case in point, liberal singer Bette Midler’s Monday tweet:

All right, all right… we’re not sure where or when that picture of Don Jr. and Eric Trump was taken and we’re not going to defend it, but in the interest of glass houses, who really can look back at their high school yearbook photo and say, ‘man, that was the coolest I’ve ever looked?’

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Of course, libs jumped on the Bette bandwagon on this one, because looks-shaming conservatives is sooo trendy.

Others called Midler out for hypocrisy and just general all-around meanness…

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And finally…

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Scott Morefield


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