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Video: Guy holds baby like a rag doll while viciously battling a cop following a dangerous chase

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A South Carolina man was captured on video frantically battling a police officer while holding a baby in his arms.

The gut-wrenching footage was aired on A&E’s “Live PD,” a program that videos police officers in real-time as they work the streets of America.

Picking up a high-speed chase in progress, the man can be seen driving recklessly at speeds as high a 90 m.p.h, as he desperately tried to out run law enforcement.

The fleeing suspect would eventually roll the SUV he was driving and emerged from the vehicle with a small child in his hands, still intent on getting away.

A lone officer was on the scene and tried to take him into custody, but the man fought him off, flailing around while screaming, “I’ve got my baby… leave me alone!”

All the while, the baby is flopping around in the man’s arm like a rag doll, proving he had little regard for the child’s well-being.

The cop eventually gets the man on the ground after he becomes separated from the child, wrestling with him for what seemed like an eternity until help arrived.

The man was later identified as 22-year-old Bryan Martin, who was charged with child endangerment, reckless driving, simple possession of marijuana, driving under suspension third offense, failure to stop for blue lights/sirens, and resisting arrest, WLTX 19 reported.

The baby appeared to survive the ordeal with no serious injuries, but was taken to the hospital for observation.

Tom Tillison


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