Trump shuns G20 lapel pin worn by other leaders, struts US flag instead … here’s the thanks he’s getting

President Donald Trump wore his “America First” foreign policy initiative on his lapel at this year’s G20 conference.

While world leaders rocked a special G20 pin that featured a reef knot, Trump opted to stay with an American flag pin — the reef knot was selected as the logo for this year’s meeting, representing “interconnectedness.”

The G20 motto reads, “Our task is to shape the interconnected world.”

Getty G20 Summit Hamburg
(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

And while the president’s supporters cheered him on for the decision, the narrative pushed by the media is that the U.S. was “isolated” at the meeting, “undeniably alone.”

(For the record, former President Barack Obama wore an American flag pin to the G20 summit in 2016.”)

A narrative given a boost by Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, who spoke of the differences between the United States and the other countries — in particular, Merkel took issue with Trump walking away from the Paris accord on climate change.

Not that the White House didn’t try to get out in front of that narrative.

Sebatian Gorka, deputy assistant to President Trump, said in a radio interview aired Sunday that “America first” doesn’t mean the U.S. will not work with other countries.

“When we say ‘America First,’ we do not mean, we do not mean at all, America alone,” Gorka said, according to The Hill.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter to the president’s decision to wear a U.S. flag pin:

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