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Trump Jr. ups the ante on the ‘violent’ liberal-triggering memes with ‘Top Gun’ dad blowing up CNN

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Proving that he is every bit as bold as his father, Donald Trump Jr. stuck his thumb in the eye of all the critics who whined about President Donald Trump inciting violence against reporters by re-tweeting a comical WWE meme of him body-slamming a CNN logo.

The meltdown over the meme prompted a rash of others from ever-imaginative social media users and Trump Jr. came across one that really impressed him.

“One of the best I’ve seen,” Trump Jr. tweeted, as he shared the meme on Twitter:

The attached video shows President Trump as a fighter pilot, a la “Top Gun,” blowing a jet tagged as CNN out of the sky:

Talk about violence, it doesn’t get much more violent that this footage from the film… and, yes, Trump Jr. triggered snowflakes on the left who’ve long since lost their sense of humor.

…beginning with Hollywood moonbat Patricia Arquette, who apparently doesn’t realize that the president’s namesake is not involved in the running of the country:

But the “Top Gun” theme was popular with Trump supporters, who see the president in the starring role of Tom Cruise’s “Maverick” character.



The person behind the awesome meme was warned that CNN may “dox” them for the sin of making fun of the “imperial media.”


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