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‘Trot the old horse out again’: Hillary Clinton wants to help out in midterms, GOP happy to hear it

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Hillary Clinton wants to lend a helping hand in next year’s midterm elections and Republicans think that’s a great idea.

While no clear role has been carved out, Clinton reportedly is looking at assisting the Democratic Party with fundraising and possibly getting involved in races in some of the House districts she won in last year’s presidential election, according to The Hill. An effort that may include hitting the stump.

And Republicans “are ready to pounce,” the online news outlet added.

“For 30 years, Hillary Clinton has essentially been Old Faithful for Republican candidates,” GOP strategist Doug Heye told The Hill. “Her continued prominence only helps GOP candidates with an electorate that historically is more favorable than what they faced in the last presidential election.

“The more Clinton weighs in and tries to tell voters ‘I’m baaaack,’ the more Republicans will tell her to keep on trucking.”

The reaction on social media suggests Heye hit the nail dead on the head… here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

It was hilariously suggested by some users that the Democratic Party put Clinton in charge of IT:

Tom Tillison


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