President Trump picks up wind-blown cap twice, tries to place it back on US Marine in humble, classy move

A presidential moment is going viral that occurred when President Donald Trump was about to enter Marine-One at Andrews Joint Airbase upon his return from the G20 Summit in the Hamburg, Germany.

A U.S. Marine, who was standing at attention at the helicopter’s entrance, lost his cover to the wind. He could either retrieve it or maintain his post. He chose duty over appearance.

The president, noting the Marine’s dilemma, stooped down, picked up his lost cover, replaced it on his head and give the Marine’s shoulder a friendly pat.

The wind immediately took it again, and this time a military officer accompanying the president took the commander-in-chief’s lead and picked it up for the Marine.

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The president’s supporters thought the moment wasn’t merely viral — it was indicative of the man himself.

They also believed the moment was a far cry from how Trump’s predecessor would have handled the situation.

The answer to that one is a resounding “no.” This was made clear at a 2013 White House Rose Garden press conference with visiting Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

When it began to rain, Obama instructed the Marines to fetch a couple of umbrellas to protect the president and prime minister, which runs counter to Marine protocol.

The difference in imagery was startling.

Well, maybe not everyone was beneath Obama — as opposed to Trump.

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And that’s the difference.

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