Laura Ingraham tore into imam about Sarsour urging Muslims not to assimilate, declaring jihad on Trump

Pro-sharia activist Linda Sarsour knew exactly what she was doing when she declared “jihad” against President Trump and urged Muslims to resist assimilation.

That’s what Fox News commentator Laura Ingraham and a growing chorus of Muslims and Islamic scholars said in response to leftists claiming Sarsour did not mean “jihad” when she said “jihad.”

The brouhaha erupted after Sarsour invoked Allah and declared jihad on President Trump, whom she slandered as a white supremacist and an Islamophobe. The anti-Semitic activist made the comments while speaking at the annual Islamic Society of North America convention in Chicago.

muslim sharia activist linda sarsour calls for jihad slammed by laura ingraham
Linda Sarsour knew exactly what she was doing when she declared ‘jihad’ on Trump. (Image: BPR screengrabs)

“When we stand up to those who oppress our communities, Allah accepts that from us as a form of jihad,” Sarsour said.

“As the Muslim community in these United States of America, we have to stay perpetually outraged! Our No. 1 priority is to protect our community. It is not to assimilate.”

Pro-Islam apologists for sharia like Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi immediately leapt to Sarsour’s defense. “‘Jihad’ means to be a better person, more honest, more truthful, more trustworthy,” Elahi said. “But, of course, if you you live this jihad for ISIS … they have a different interpretation of it.”

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But most people understood exactly why she used the violent rhetoric. It was a call to action to fringe, violent Muslims who embrace Sharia and want to destroy Western civilization.

“She’s a sophisticated player,” Ingraham told Fox News. “That was meant to incite Muslims to whom she’s speaking.”

Ingraham  added that calling President Trump a “fascist, Islamophobe, white supremacist” is “purposefully incendiary.”

Lebanese-American terrorism expert Brigitte Gabriel agreed. “She was specifically inciting hatred and violence,” Gabriel said.

Gabriel, the founder of Act for America, unleashed a Twitter storm condemning Linda Sarsour (who once threatened her) for her violent anti-Semitic, anti-American rhetoric.

Australian Imam Shaikh Tawhidi also slammed Sarsour, saying she meant “jihad” when she said “jihad,” so her apologists should stop kidding themselves.

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Tawhidi also pointed out how hypocritical Sarsour is for not criticizing violent Islamists and radical Islam, which brutally oppresses women and non-Muslims.

Then, there’s this:

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