‘Don’t come back, de Blasio. Don’t come back’: Eric Bolling unloads on ‘despicable, self-dealing clown’

bill de blasio skips nypd to protest G20
Bill de Blasio skipped an NYPD swearing-in ceremony to protest capitalism at the G20 summit in Germany. (Image: BPR screengrabs)

New York City’s communist mayor Bill de Blasio skipped an NYPD swearing-in ceremony just one day after a police officer was assassinated so he could protest capitalism at the G20 Summit in Germany. All on taxpayers’ dime.

That’s another slap in the face that de Blasio — a supporter of the anti-cop Black Lives Matter movement — has delivered to police during his rocky tenure.

De Blasio was widely slammed on social media for his anti-police, showboating antics. Joining the fray was Fox News anchor Eric Bolling, who called de Blasio a “despicable, self-dealing clown.”

“Stop flattering yourself, Bill,” Bolling said. “You’re not a social justice warrior. I pray your liberal pals recognize the hole in your soul and never vote for you for anything other than lamest human being on the planet.”

Bolling added: “Don’t come back, de Blasio. Don’t come back.”

Last week, NYPD officer Miosotis Familia, a mom of three, was shot to death while sitting in her patrol car in the Bronx.

The very next day, de Blasio went on an all-expenses paid trip to Hamburg, Germany, where he gave a speech decrying the evils of capitalism and slammed President Trump. The irony that de Blasio — the  mayor of the finance capital of the world — trashed capitalism was lost on the communist buffoon.

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Bill de Blasio has had a terrible relationship with police ever since he first took office in 2014. At the time, he warned his half-black son to be suspicious of cops.

Shortly afterward, NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were assassinated at the height of the nationwide anti-police movement, fueled by the militant Black Lives Matter group.

To protest the mayor’s total disregard for their dangerous jobs, NYPD officers literally turned their backs on de Blasio.

De Blasio is up for re-election on November 7, 2017. His mayorship is widely viewed as one of the least successful in modern times.

Anecdotally, New Yorkers say the city has gotten dirtier, homelessness has surged, infrastructure has crumbled, and crime has spiked during his tenure.

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Not surprisingly, Bill de Blasio was widely slammed for dissing the police and flying to the G20 Summit to grandstand.


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