Milo just had his book launch party, and it’s like no other ‘conservative’ event you’ve seen before

As if the Milo Yiannopoulos book launch party needed anything more than little people dressed up as the president and a Hillary Clinton impersonator in a jail cell, partygoers also broke out into an all out war against CNN.

Yiannopoulos launched his self-published book “Dangerous” with a Manhattan party on Thursday, complete with Jihadi strippers and dancing little people wearing yarmulkes and Ben Shapiro nametags, The Daily Caller reported.

Officially released on July 4, “Dangerous” was dropped by Simon & Schuster in February amid controversy surrounding the outspoken Yiannopoulos, who announced a $10 million lawsuit against the publisher on Friday, according to Page Six.

“Something there isn’t quite right, and we intend to find out at trial what it is,” he said, referring to Simon & Schuster’s decison to back out of the deal. Yiannopoulos got the last laugh, however, as pre-orders for the book on Amazon quickly landed it as a number one bestseller.

Some guests at the launch party wore black “F**k Simon & Schuster” T-shirts in response to the publisher’s decision to back out of the deal.

The crowd of about 1,000 people cheered the former Breitbart technology editor as he welcomed them to the celebration of his new book.

“And the second thing we’re here to celebrate tonight — which I didn’t know when I planned this party — is the downfall of CNN,” he added, drawing chants of “F**k CNN!” from the crowd.

There were also chants of “Lock her up!” when Yiannopoulos brought up Clinton, as elsewhere at the venue, partygoers got a chance to dunk a Hillary Clinton impersonator dressed in an orange jumpsuit. Successful dunkers won a copy of “Dangerous.”

Video showed party attendees lined up around the block at the New York City location and, though police were ready, no protests materialized. The launch party had been rescheduled from two weeks earlier when a different venue cancelled out of fear of backlash for hosting the controversial Yiannopoulos.

“How did you get into a situation where making jokes, being provocative, having fun became some kind of thought crime, hate crime? When did it become unacceptable to laugh?” he said, speaking to Page Six.

“I don’t want everyone to be like me. I understand that if the whole world was provocative British f*gs saying feminism is cancer, it would be chaos, but it’s important that some people are like me,” he said. “I’m happy to be the sacrificial lamb if it means the people who read me and enjoy me feel a little bit more confident expressing themselves in their private lives.”

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