Male Iraqi model tortured and butchered to death over his blonde hair, good looks

This is how dangerous it is to adopt Western values in the Middle East.

A male model in Iraq was literally tortured and butchered to death because he was too good looking and wore tight clothes.

Facebook image: Karar Nushi

The mutilated body of Karar Nushi was found on the streets of Baghdad on Monday with a bullet in his head and marks on his hands and neck after he received death threats, according to Iraqi News.

His friends believe he was killed by radical Islamic extremists.

According to his social media following, he had received death threats because of his long, blonde hair, good looks and rumors that he was set to participate in a male beauty pageant.

Authorities in Iraq believe that extremists have been behind the deaths of many young people because of their immodesty or because of speculation that they might be homosexual, Iraqi News reported.

The young model and student was mourned on social media.

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