Joy Reid slams Trump by comparing him to two ‘awful’ presidents – doesn’t mention they’re Democrats

sg msnbc joy reid wig wants macron to rule united states two countries
MSNBC’s Joy Reid said President Trump is as bad as ‘awful’ Democrat presidents. (Image: screengrab)

MSNBC host Joy Reid slammed President Donald Trump by comparing him to … past Democratic presidents.

In an odd smackdown, Reid trashed Woodrow Wilson and Andrew Jackson in a bid to attack Trump.

Interestingly, Reid did not mention that the “awful” past presidents she slammed were both Democrats. Perhaps she was hoping the audience would just assume they were Republicans.

“We’ve had awful presidents! Let’s not pretend Trump is the first one,” Reid said (see video starting at 10:00). “Even ‘great’ presidents have utterly failed the basics of the tests of the Constitution.”

Reid made the remarks while appearing as a panelist on her colleague Lawrence O’Donnell’s show. Is MSNBC so laughably low-budget they need to recycle their hosts as panelists?

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Most cable news shows try to include both liberal and conservative pundits to at least give the appearance of presenting a balanced debate. In contrast, MSNBC had two vocal anti-Trumpers (three, if you include Lawrence O’Donnell).

Reid then went on to rant against Trump in her usual unhinged, race-baiting fashion.

At this point, most non-moonbat audiences cannot take Joy Reid seriously. She spends almost all her time railing against President Trump and blaming the woes of blacks and other minorities on white people, racism, and other assorted victim-mentality “isms.”

In June, Reid was widely slammed after suggesting Republican Congressman Steve Scalise deserved to get shot by an unhinged leftist gunman because she doesn’t like his voting record.


Two weeks before that, Reid said she wished French socialist Emmanuel Macron could “rule” the United States. “We could just get Emmanuel Macron to rule two countries!” Reid cooed. “Macron! Macron!”

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Reid then cheered and pumped her fists so hard that her cheap wig almost fell off. Meanwhile, Twitter pointed out that Macron — a vocal proponent of Muslim rights — will do nothing to help France combat Islamic terrorism or boost its failing economy.

France has a high unemployment rate (9.6%), and 1 in 4 young people are unemployed.  Here’s how one French woman responded to Reid’s idiocy:

While Reid has her share of leftist supporters, many others aren’t impressed.

Meanwhile, here’s a little history lesson about the Democratic Party — the self-proclaimed champions of minorities and the underclass:

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