CNN’s Acosta buries himself in backlash with hopelessly detached-from-reality criticism of Poland presser

CNN continues to embarrass itself in its ongoing blood feud with President Donald Trump.

After taking a beating online for threatening to “dox” a private citizen who created the comical WWE meme showing Trump body-slamming a CNN logo, the network’s senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta took to Twitter to whine after he wasn’t called on during a short Q&A session following a joint press conference in Poland with Trump and Polish President Andrzej Duda.

In what amounts to tit-for-tat, Acosta — a hard news reporter — called the media event a “fake news conference,” after he questioned the friendliness of one of the two people called on.

This from a network struggling with its credibility in large part because of Trump’s insistence they they represent “fake news,” although this isn’t the first time Acosta has crossed the line between reporting and expressing opinion to attack the White House.

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One of the two questions taken came from the Daily Mail’s David Martosko, who “acknowledged talking to the Trump administration about taking a job with them,” The Hill reported — Martosko said earlier he had backed out on the opportunity.

Acosta drew a parade of responses from the “Blue Check” crowd:

And even more from the great unwashed:

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