Katrina Pierson drops unpleasant truth on libs: Trump’s actions are ‘presidential whether you like it or not’

Katrina Pierson came to the defense of her former boss declaring that whatever President Trump does is “presidential whether you like it or not.” Trump’sformer campaign speswoman […]

Ricky Gervais’ Trump Twitter poll goes ‘horribly wrong’ – has POTUS elected for another term!

“I suspect he’ll go down in history as… One of our greatest Presidents EVER!”

Are federal campgrounds about to be privatized under Trump?

“As the secretary, I don’t want to be in the business of running campgrounds,” Zinke told RVIA members, according to E&E News. “My folks will never be as good as you are.”

Black filmmaker hesitant to celebrate July 4 in light of police shootings

Because the Founding Fathers were racists, Coard said that black people also should avoid the holiday.

Outlet features video of black Americans talking about why they refuse to celebrate July 4

Um, …

Former army officer celebrates July 4 by competing in hot dog eating contest

Reeves will have to triple his qualifying number to have a shot at victory.

Donald Trump offers to help British baby but this wouldn’t be the first child he has rescued

A chilling and honest statement about big government if there ever was one.

Chris Christie beach chair photo starts popping up in hilarious places!

Though a government shutdown won’t last forever, lucky for us the “Beach Christie” memes and GIFs will.

Fun-sucking doctor suggests bubbles & pom-poms instead of sparklers for July 4th

… and glow sticks, as well as noise makers.

Court delivers Trump’s EPA a defeat right before Independence Day

Environmentalists are seeking to preserve what they can of the Obama administration’s agenda.

Way too many Americans think we declared independence from Mexico in 1776

Republican and Independent voters were slightly knowledgeable about the founding of the country than Democrats.

Backlash bubbles as Confederate symbols are removed across the South

“It makes me want to cry …”

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