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Watch: Steven Crowder goes undercover, ‘steals’ US jobs from illegals, reveals big Dem lie

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Doing the job a complicit media would never dream of doing, following up on the Democratic Party’s rhetoric on illegal immigration, conservative comedian Steven Crowder produced an eye-opening video.

…that’s pretty darn funny.

Crowder set out to prove — or disprove — whether illegal immigrants are willing to work all day for as little as $10, as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer claimed from the Senate floor.

Turns out, it takes nothing less than $160 for six hours, according to one worker.

Rocking a “Che Guevara” t-shirt emblazoned with the word “Socialism,” Crowder shows that Americans are willing to do the same jobs as those in the U.S. illegally and, with relative ease, hilariously underbids them again and again.

Watch the full video below:

Tom Tillison


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