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MAGA photo of Mika’s daughter making the rounds is not likely making mom happy

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With MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski embroiled in a scorched earth feud with President Donald Trump, a photo of her daughter rocking a “Make America Great Again” hat is making the rounds.

…and it’s probably not making mom happy.

The photograph is from the Instagram account of daughter Emilie Hoffer, who is named after Mika’s mother. Brzezinski had two girls while married to Jim Hoffer — they divorced in 2006.


Brzezinski tweeted the photo below with her daughter in November, just after the election:

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Interestingly, Hoffer posted this response to a photo her mother tweeted last week, mocking the size of Trump’s hands — which suggests she’s siding with mom in the ongoing feud.

SG Hoffer


Either way, it prompted this excoriating response from one social media user:


Here’s a sampling of other reactions from Twitter:


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