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Chris Christie responds to ‘beachgate’ uproar: ‘I’m sure they’re going to get a Pulitzer Prize for this one …’

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A budget impasse in the state legislature resulted in New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie shutting down the state government and ordering beaches and other state-run tourist attractions closed to the public.

The key phrase being “closed to the public,” because two days after issuing the order, Christie and family were photographed by the Star Ledger enjoying themselves on the beach at Island Beach State Park — one of the sites Christie ordered closed.

That the Christie entourage were the ONLY ones on the beach didn’t help matters.

As might be expected, the media had a field day at Christie’s expense:

Not that the Republican governor was sweating the details.

Asked about his day at the beach during a press conference later Sunday, Christie replied, “I didn’t get any sun today.”

When confronted with photographic evidence, a spokesman for the governor had a ready response: “He did not get any sun. He had a baseball hat on.”

…somehow, you just know President Donald Trump is loving it!

Christie’s nonchalant attitude about the “controversy” continued into Monday, with the Republican governor ridiculing the Star Ledger.

“They actually caught a politician being where he was going to be with the people he said he was going to be with — his wife and his children and their friends,” he told a local TV station. “So I’m sure they’re going to get a Pulitzer Prize for this one because they actually proved they caught me doing what I said to do with the people I said I was going to be with.”

And to ensure the public was getting the entire picture, Christie followed in Trump’s footsteps, turning to social media to say: “NJ beaches are open in 119 of our 130 miles of coastline. Come and enjoy them–but use sunscreen and hydrate!”

Tom Tillison


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