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See FBI employees sporting ‘Comey Is My Homey’ T-shirts at Family Day event

The left is weaponizing James Comey to attack Trump even though libs had demanded he be fired months ago. (Image: Twitter)

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James Comey is probably loving his newfound status as an anti-Trump martyr after months of bipartisan attacks following his botched investigation of Hillary Clinton.

Comey was memorialized in absentia at an FBI Family Day event in Washington, D.C., on Friday, where several FBI employees and their relatives wore “Comey is my homey” T-shirts in support of the fired FBI director.

Family Day is an annual event where the bureau closes its office to welcome a visit from FBI employees and their families.

Twitter posts showed several people sporting T-shirts glorifying James Comey, who just months ago was universally vilified for his bungled investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Here are some Twitter photos of the “Comey is my homey” and other t-shirts. No one said they were flattering.

The sudden embracing of James Comey as a folk hero by liberals and the mainstream media hilariously spotlights their transparent anti-Trump animus.

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Comey was roundly criticized by both Democrats and Republicans for his mishandling of the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation. For months, both liberals and conservatives had demanded he be fired. But when President Trump did fire Comey in May, leftists immediately sided with Comey just to oppose the president.

Thanks to the left’s schizophrenic flailing, Comey is now set to rake in a staggering $10 million book advance to dish dirt on Trump.

Below are some reminders of how liberals actually felt about Comey after he trashed Hillary for mishandling top-secret government intel.  Comey had better cash in on his martyr status now before flaky libs change their mind again.



Twitter reacted by saying all the traitors in the anti-Trump Deep State have to go.

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