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Jerry Falwell Jr thanks Trump for ‘defending the liberties of Christians, not just Muslims, like our last president’

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He defended the faith of everyone — not just Muslims.

Rev. Jerry Falwell Jr. compared President Donald Trump‘s speech honoring veterans Saturday to those of his predecessor, and found Obama’s messages lacking where they most counted.

Trump made his remarks at the Kennedy Center, co-sponsored by the First Baptist Church of Dallas, to kick of the Independence Day weekend, and touched on a variety of subjects, including veterans rights, fake media and his continued determination to build a wall at the southern border.

During his appearance on “Justice” Saturday, Falwell told host Judge Jeanine Pirro that he was especially heartened by the president’s defense of religious freedom.

“What I really appreciated was he’s not bashful about talking about faith,” the president of Liberty University said. “He’s all about religious liberty. He’s about God. He’s interested in defending the liberties of Christians, not just Muslims, like our last president. And I never heard a single liberal attack any Muslim church for not having gay weddings and for not honoring the rights of women and transgenders. But this president has gone the extra mile to honor people of faith. And I even appreciate when he attacked – the left is melting down. It’s incredible to watch how they still haven’t gotten over how Donald Trump won.”

Falwell said other parts of Trump’s address impressed him also.

“I was just so impressed how the president never misses the opportunity to honor our veterans — especially on July fourth — to honor law enforcement,” he said. “To talk about the things that got him elected … bringing back jobs, striking fair trade deals with other countries, national security, immigration, jobs, all those things.”

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Clip via Fox News Channel

Falwell wasn’t the only one impressed.

Falwell also addressed the president’s controversial tweets.

“When he hits [his critics] back on Twitter, I actually appreciate that,” he told the Fox News host. “We’ve gone back to a bold leader who’s willing to speak his mind — like you Judge Jeanine.”


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