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Hannity threatens to go ‘there’ with Joe and Mika, refers to ‘many’ closet skeletons

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The much publicized feud between the hosts of  MSNBC’s Morning Joe and Fox News’ Sean Hannity took an ugly turn on Saturday when Hannity threatened to go “there” with Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. He also included a link to an article on American Thinker by Patricia McCarthy entitled, “Joe and Mika, wallowing in the mud.”


First of all, there’s a reason Hannity linked to the article. It provides much needed perspective.

The ever-execrable Joe Scarborough and Mika Brezenski are basking in the glory of mud of their own making; they think they are heroes of a kind because Trump tweeted something crass about them. Indeed he did. But it was well-deserved. The pair host a morning program on the anti-Trump MSNBC each morning to which they dedicate nearly every moment to trashing Trump in every conceivable way, mostly personal. They relentlessly mock him physically, mentally, and in every other way possible and have done so these past eight months….

And then:

Trump finally retaliated after eight months of tolerating their vitriol. One would think the world shifted on its axis. For the next 48 hours, the network and cable news outlets jabbered on about nothing else. Had the Norks launched a missile at Hawaii it might not have interrupted their glee at thinking they have finally got Trump in some sort of vise that will turn out to be an impeachable offense. Newsflash! Trump’s tweet is not remotely an impeachable offense. It was well-deserved payback for months of vindictive nonsense that Joe and Mika spew each day. Good for Trump.

But beyond the article, what, or where, is the “there” to which Hannity is threatening to go? Back in January, the Fox News host tweeted this to Scarborough during another spat.

Black student forced to share valedictorian status with white student, sues school over it


Same thing? Probably.

Mediaite’s Justin Baragona writes: “Yes, Hannity is indeed referencing the story of the dead intern found in Scarborough’s district office when he was still a Congressman in 2001. While there is absolutely no evidence Scarborough had anything to do with the office worker’s death, as it was found that she died from heart problems and hitting her head on a desk, conspiracy theories were tossed around claiming Joe was responsible and that’s why he resigned from Congress.”

Is it that, or something else? Stay tuned! But one thing is for sure…


Finally, one fan had this to say about Hannity’s “there” tweet:

To which Hannity responded:


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