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Trump’s approval rating puts press in a pickle, USA Today poll not easy to spin

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A new poll appeared to sound the alarm that Americans are filled with anxiety over President Trump and the state of the nation.

Of course, that depends on who’s doing the reporting on that poll and the decision on how to spin the numbers.

USA Today focused on the 42 percent of Americans “alarmed” by the state of things in Washington as found in the USA Today/Suffolk poll released Friday. The publication noted that the “air of angst” was across party lines, affecting both Democrats and Republicans.

The New York Times’ Glenn Thrush acknowledged a better approval rating for the president – 42 percent – but noted the “serious erosion since spring.”

Townhall editor and Fox News contributor Guy Benson pulled the curtain back on some of the other numbers – the ones Democrats just don’t want to see.

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Some touted the poll’s findings that only 12 percent of those surveyed support the GOP Senate health care plan.

But,  only 11 percent of Americans wanted to keep ObamaCare as it is.

Twitter users did not seem surprised by the results, or the spin. And, as one aptly concluded:

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