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Geraldo says Mika was ‘grotesquely disrespectful’ and he wanted to punch ‘obnoxious’ Joe out in a bar, but …

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During a Friday Fox & Friends appearance, Fox News contributor and Trump-friend Gerald Rivera weighed the entire President Trump versus Morning Joe spat and found both sides lacking.

Admitting that Joe Scarborough can be “very obnoxious” at times and that the show has been “grotesquely disrespectful” of President Trump, Rivera also called on Trump to be the bigger man in this instance and “apologize” to Mika for his attacks on her personal appearance.

“I know and have had my own conflicts with Joe Scarborough over the years,” Rivera said. “I mean, sometimes pretty extreme, when I wanted to punch him out in a bar one time. He can be very obnoxious. There’s no doubt that Mika and Joe have been grotesquely disrespectful of this president. I mean, in a way where they call him insane every day. They say he’s the worse president that every happened. Liar, liar on a daily basis. There’s no doubt that the president was absolutely provoked by Mike and Joe, but you know there’s a but coming…”

The “but” was Rivera’s call for President Trump to “swallow his pride” and apologize.

“I’ve known the president for over 40 years. We come from a dinosaur generation … I get that we are politically incorrect … but the one thing guys like us never do or never should do is go where the president went with a woman. I’m sorry that it’s sexist what I’m saying now. I’m sorry that it’s old-fashioned, but there is a certain nobility to machismo where you don’t insult a woman, particularly her looks, particularly if she’s had any kind of whatever. I just think it’s really lowball for the president. I think it’s extremely unfortunate, and I am calling on my friend the President of the United States to swallow his pride and to apologize to this woman.”

When asked if the news shows have a “responsibility” to treat the president fairly, Geraldo mentioned that Mika and Joe were certainly not left “unscathed,” citing a list cited by Sean Hannity of obnoxious things they have said on the show in the past denigrating people, including and especially President Trump.


Nevertheless, Rivera believes that Trump “went too far and he should recognize this … he went too far, the president should apologize to this woman.”

“This is an unforced error he should not have made.”

Watch the clip below via Fox News:

Interestingly, during the segment co-host Ainsley Earhardt pointed out that the vast majority of tweets responding to Geraldo’s comments disagreed. Here are a few others with the same sentiments:




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