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Ann Coulter bursts with excitement over ‘fantastic’ tweets about Mika, saying we ‘finally have a president fighting back’

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With a heavy reliance on the word “fantastic,” conservative firebrand Ann Coulter was intensely supportive of President Donald Trump‘s volatile tweets about MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski heard ’round the world.

…which Coulter sees as “fighting back” in a what has been a “one-sided war” with the press.

Critics argue that Trump’s tweeting has “essentially hijacked his agenda,” as described by Fox Business Network’s Stuart Varney, who rattled off policy gains this week being overshadowed.

“I’ve heard that argument,” Coulter told Varney on Friday’s program. “I love the tweets and yesterday’s tweet was fantastic.”

She went on to say even friends who disagree with her support of Trump called to say the president has got to keep tweeting.

“We finally have a president who’s going after” the press, Coulter said. “The idea that the aggression, the war between the president and the media, it’s fantastic. It’s been a one-sided war until now.”

And she was emphatic that his tweeting is not a distraction.

“It makes the media look even sillier,” Coulter insisted, adding that they’re not talking about the administration’s agenda anyway.

“I think it’s fantastic,” she said of Trump’ social media efforts. “The people get to hear from the president directly.”

“They are attacking him nonstop,” Coulter added. “They’re staging assassination plays in Central Park, holding his head up. It is non-stop, it is vicious.”

“I can’t even watch MSNBC and CNN anymore, I’d rather have them talk about some dumb facelifts than have them talk about this nonsense with the Russian conspiracy theory.”

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