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‘No editors! No peace!’ Mass exodus at NY Times as angry staffers rally against coming layoffs

new york times copy editors strike layoff
Copy editors staged a protest over the NY Times’ plans to lay off dozens of editors to cut costs. (Image: J. Wortham/Twitter)

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Proletariat solidarity, y’all!  Just kidding.

A group of angry copy editors and reporters at the New York Times staged a lame 15-minute “protest” outside the newspaper’s Manhattan headquarters on Thursday.

The leftist scribes were protesting plans by their employer — the self-proclaimed champion of the proletariat and the middle class — to eliminate up to 50 of its 100 copy-editing positions.

The New York Times, which recently bragged it was doing well financially, is planning the layoffs to save money.


The copy editors won’t be fired, but will be offered buyout packages. In an internal memo, the staffers said management had compared them to “dogs urinating on fire hydrants.”

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Copy editors carried misspelled signs declaring: “This sign wsa not edited” while co-opting the anti-police Black Lives Matter chant, “No editors! No peace!”

The protest came after a series of inexcusable blunders by the leftist rag. On June 27, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin sued the NY Times for defamation after it falsely claimed she had incited the 2011 shooting of former Democratic Congresswoman Gabby Giffords.

On the day of the copy editor protest, the Times was forced to issue an embarrassing correction after falsely claiming that all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies said Russia had engaged in hacking during the 2016 presidential election. In fact, only 4 — not 17 — made this assessment. The NY Times let this fake statistic stand for days before issuing the correction.

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Meanwhile, the bogus statistic was repeated tens of thousands of times by anti-Trumpers on TV, in online “news” stories, and across social media during the past few months. Hillary Clinton first bleated the fake statistic during a debate against Donald Trump in October 2016.

It bears noting that ALL governments hack each other all the time. That’s why spy agencies exist. Duh.

The New York Times has written countless articles advocating for a $15 minimum wage and the “need” to admit illegal aliens and Muslim refugees into the United States. In an ironic trickle-down effect, these types of measures would ultimately force more companies to lay off workers to save money. Just sayin.’

Twitter reacted with snarky glee at leftists being marginalized by a liberal newspaper that pays lip service to being the champion of the working class.

Samantha Chang


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