‘I’m just speaking for Jesus’: Joy Behar’s obnoxious lecture for Christian baker takes elitism to new heights

Have you ever asked yourself, or anyone, “What would Jesus do?”

Apparently “The View’s” Joy Behar believes she knows the answer to that question.

Bake wedding cakes for gay couples.

Jack Phillips, the Colorado baker whose case is set to be heard by the Supreme Court after he was punished for declining to make a cake for a gay wedding, appeared on the ABC show on Friday.

He was asked by the panel if he believed Jesus would have baked the cake.

Phillips said he believes Jesus loves everyone but would have not baked the cake.

Behar believed she knew better.

“Jesus would have made the cake!” Behar said.

“That’s a deal breaker. Jesus is gonna make the cake,” she insisted.

Phillips attorney, Kristen Waggoner, explained that the same laws that can force someone to bake a cake for a gay wedding could force her to write a speech for the Republicans.

But Behar diverted and again insisted she knew better.

“I’m not judging what he did, I’m just speaking for Jesus right now,” she declared.

That takes a ton of nerve.

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Carmine Sabia

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Carmine Sabia


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