Donny Deutsch throws ‘high road’ SHAM out the window; challenges Trump to fight ‘in the schoolyard’

MSNBC personality Donny Deutsch used his forum on “Morning Joe” to take the lowest of low roads.

“I’m not an employee of NBC,” Deutsch said as he took off his glasses. “I’m going to go thug here.”

“Enough is enough with this disgusting, vulgar man,” he continued at the start of Friday’s show. “You’re a pig, you are a bully, and you are doing disgusting things to this country!”

“I’m taking the low ground here,” he admitted. “You know what? He goes after a woman that way, he goes after a friend that way? He is vulgar human being to look at.”

Hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski joined the panel and admitted that Mika’s plan was to goad the president into a response. But even with that admission, Deutsch was beside himself with anger and challenged the president to a fist fight.

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“Once again I’m going to elevate the conversation,” he said. “Donald if you’re watching, we’re from Queens. I’ll meet you in the schoolyard, brother. You need to be schooled.


Social media found it hilarious.

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