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White House disinvites press pool from President Trump’s re-election fundraiser

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The White House announced that the press would not be allowed to cover President Trump’s first re-election fundraiser, reversing its original invitation to the media.

A media pool was to be admitted for the president’s opening remarks to donors at Wednesday’s 2020 re-election fundraiser, after pressure by members of the press to be allowed to cover what was originally a closed event, CNN reported.

Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced that the White House press pool would be allowed for a limited time but retracted the statement two hours later.

“Unfortunately there was some confusion with the (Republican National Committee) and due to the logistical challenges bringing in the press at this late moment is not going to be possible,” Sanders told reporters in an email Wednesday.

While closing the event to the press certainly ruffled feathers, it was not without precedent.

According to CNN:

When President Barack Obama raised money for his own campaign or for other Democrats, members of the media were often allowed to cover his remarks. However, the Obama White House generally barred cameras from covering those events.

Occasionally, Obama’s fundraising events were entirely closed to the media. In those cases, Obama wasn’t delivering a formal set of remarks; instead, he took questions from a smaller group of donors.

Those question-and-answer sessions were always closed to reporters.

The dinner, held at Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C., was expected to bring in about $10 million, with most of the funds going to the Republican National Committee. Tickets ranged from $35,000 per person to $100,000 to be a member of the host committee.

The hotel, blocks from the White House, is leased by the Trump organization from the federal government.

It’s litte suprise that news of the retracted invite had mixed reviews:

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