‘Fall-down drunk’ Politico reporter walks up to group of Trump allies at a D.C. bar … No, really

politico reporter anna palmer drunk anti trump rant
Witnesses said Politico reporter Anna Palmer harangued Trump supporters during a drunken tirade at a DC bar. (Image: BPR screengrab)

Time for an intervention!

That’s how Twitter reacted after learning that Politico reporter Anna Palmer had allegedly unleashed a volcanic tirade against Trump supporters at a bar in Washington, D.C., last week.

Witnesses said a group of eight to 10 people were having dinner and drinks at the Four Seasons hotel when a sloppy-drunk Palmer stumbled toward them and yelled at them for supporting Trump.

Multiple witnesses said Palmer blasted President Trump and his supporters using the words “corrupt” and “bad” while “wagging her finger at them” in disapproval.

While a drunken tirade can sometimes be funny, Palmer’s alleged rant spotlighted her anti-Trump bias. As someone who passes herself off as an objective “journalist,” this overt bias violates journalistic ethics and calls into question anything she has ever written or will write.

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“She comes over to our table like fall-down drunk,” an attendee told the Daily Caller. “I just looked up and there is this woman yelling at us, lecturing us. It was like a crazy homeless person coming up to you on the street and rambling.”

Another member of the group was equally shocked by Palmer’s drunken antics:

She stumbled from like three tables over. I was on my third drink. She was there, and she was just loud and really sloppy. It looked like she spilled something on herself. Slurring words.

She put her hand on my shoulder … and almost knocked over my drink on me, which would’ve been a disaster. I helped her to the door.

Another witness added: “We were joking around about fake news. She started saying, ‘Ohhh … f*ck you guys!’ She blacked out. She said the White House was a joke.”

The group included several senior Trump administration officials, Republican PR executive Arthur Schwartz, Breitbart Washington editor Matt Boyle, and Alexandra Preate, an associate of Trump senior Steve Bannon.

The party goers were stunned that Palmer tore off her “objective journalist” mask in front of everyone. “That was unfiltered bias,” one attendee lamented.

When contacted by the Daily Caller, Politico’s PR rep Katie Padwell offered a different spin. Palmer claimed when she walked into the bar, the group yelled “Fake news!” at her. That’s interesting, since the group said they didn’t even know who the non-descript-looking woman was until she approached them in a drunken stupor.

Palmer then claimed she left quietly on her own (security-camera footage can settle this once and for all). Here’s her laughable version of events, according to Politico’s PR rep:

The take I have from her: When she walked in, they were pretty aggressive, yelling ‘Fake news! Fake news!’ Ultimately, she left because she was uncomfortable.


This incident involving a Politico operative came just one day after CNN’s Van Jones admitted that the Trump-Russia ruse that CNN has been aggressively pushing is a “big nothing burger.”

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The day before, veteran CNN producer John Bonifield admitted that CNN is intentionally shilling the Trump-Russia hoax even though there’s no evidence because the fake story line is a cash cow for CNN.

Meanwhile, Twitter reacted to Anna Palmer’s drunken antics by calling her a slob who needs help.

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