Trump stops call to compliment Irish reporter’s smile, dirty twisted headlines screech ‘Sexist-in-Chief’

trump compliment irish reporter Caitriona Perry smile
Leftists accused President Trump of harassing and ‘flirting with’ Irish reporter Caitriona Perry after he complimented her smile. (Image: screengrab)

Liberals are having another meltdown after President Trump complimented Irish reporter Caitriona Perry for her “beautiful smile.”

The exchange occurred while Trump on the phone with newly elected Irish leader Leo Varadkar, an avowed anti-Trumper.

Trump tried to break the ice with Varadkar by calling over fellow Irelander Caitriona Perry to his desk, where he said: “Well, we have a lot of your Irish press watching us.”

Trump then told Varadkar of Perry: “[She has a] beautiful smile on her face. I bet she treats you well.”

By “treats you well,” Trump meant that Perry does not write fake news propaganda about Varadkar the way CNN does with him.

Trump has repeatedly slammed leftist media for treating him “badly” (i.e., writing false news stories about him). Besides, Leo Varadkar is openly gay, so there was no sexual insinuation in Trump’s statement if you draw it out to its logical conclusion.

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Liberals immediately slammed the president as a misogynist who was sexually harassing and “flirting” with Perry when he simply complimented her smile. Are you serious?

If Trump wanted to flirt with or harass Perry, would he have done it in front of a press gaggle that was recording his every word and gesture? Besides, have you SEEN Trump’s wife, Melania? Gimme a break!

Caitriona — a self-proclaimed admirer of serial sexual harasser Bill Clinton — called Trump’s gesture “bizarre.”

She was barraged with sympathy from many women, who trashed Trump as a sexist.

Others said the PC Nazis now want to make giving a woman a respectful compliment a crime.

Meanwhile, these same virtue-signaling leftists said nothing when creepy Joe Biden inappropriately kissed and groped countless women during his 8 years as vice president.

Then, there’s this:

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