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Dick Durbin, lawmakers wont release emails from Virginia baseball shooter

Sen. Dick Durbin’s office isn’t talking / Source: Google Images

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Sen. Richard Durbin, the Senate minority whip, received email correspondence from the Virginia baseball field shooter, who had left five injured, including House Republican Whip Steve Scalise and two Capitol police officers.

“[James R.] Hodgkinson also visited the office of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, whose campaign he had worked on as a volunteer, and was in email contact with the two Democratic senators from his home state,” The AP reported.

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Durbin represents Illinois, Hodgkinson’s home state, along with fellow Democrat Tammy Duckworth.

When The Daily Caller contacted Durbin’s office to ask whet the shooter’s emails said, it received this reply:

“Mr. Hodgkinson contacted our office to state his opinion on a variety of legislation over the years. Those emails were all given to USCP and are part of the current investigation.”

Given the general nature of the reply from Durbin’s office, The Caller asked for more details. It reported:

When The DC asked for more details, or whether they planned to publicly release the emails Hodgkinson sent, no response was received.

The DC also repeatedly contacted Sen. Duckworth’s office looking for a comment or a release of the emails, but received no response.


Among the five who were shot, Scalise received the worst of the injuries as a result of the gunman specifically targeting GOP lawmakers. Nonetheless, MSNBC host Joy Reid suggested that the Louisiana Republican deserved what he got.

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