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CNN’s Don Lemon urges media to ‘turn the cameras on,’ disobey ‘blackballing’ White House

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The White House invites reporters inside to participate in their press briefings, so it would stand to reason that White House officials should decide the rules, like whether or not to allow recordings or turn on the television cameras.

But CNN’s Don Lemon has a different idea – civil disobedience, of sorts, and while discussing the matter on Monday he said as much to another whiner on his network, Jim Acosta.

Responding to Acosta accusing the White House of “blackballing” their employer, Lemon said, “Why don’t you just turn the cameras on?”

“Would they take our press credentials away?” Acosta responded. “I don’t know. Would they kick me out of the White House if I were to start rolling with my phone? I don’t know.”

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To which Lemon replied: “I think someone has to take a stand and turn the cameras on and see what the ramifications are. They can’t kick everybody out.”

Yeah, we’re not sure it would be wise to test this, Don, but it would certainly fun watching Jim try!

The exchange was discussed on Tuesday’s version of Fox News’ “Outnumbered,” where Meghan McCain slammed the reporters for going “on TV wanting to have a Twitter moment, wanting to be famous.”

Watch the exchange below:

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