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Black activist cry for police when a white man shows up with a camera, group tantrum is all recorded …

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A video posted to social media on Monday showed a white man taking video of a Black Lives Matter gathering in downtown Houston when the crowd went wild on him.

As the man started to take video of the protest, at which there were signs that read “Justice For Philando (Castile), who was killed by police, the protesters had the nerve to ask the police to remove the man for exercising his Constitutional rights.

“If you gonna tell the story, tell the story,” a woman said to the man, calmly at first.

As the man attempted to explain why he was taking video the woman became belligerent and confrontational.

“You don’t get to tell me, white man!” she shouted. “If you gonna tell the story, tell the story!”

But she wouldn’t allow him to tell the story as she shouted over him. The video, shared by Milo Yiannopoulos, did.

According to the video, the crowd was protesting the number of black people killed by white people. A number, the video showed, that pales in comparison to the number of whites killed by backs, and dwarfed by the number of blacks killed by blacks.

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“You don’t try to minimize things!” she shouted. “We’re out here fighting for our lives!”

“Tell me the story,” the man calmly asked.

“You don’t care about the story,” the woman, who kept asking him to “tell the whole story” shot back.

“Get him out of here,” the woman commands of the police who swiftly move in to remove another man who attempted to get in the face of the videographer.

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A move that only angered the crowd more as they began to chant “Go! go! go! go!”

Ashton P. Woods, the founder of the Houston chapter of Black Lives Matter, responded to the video on the group’s Facebook page.

“Hey MILO tell us to our face white boy, you WILL lose,” he wrote.

Image: Screenshot

Watch the video to see the entire confrontation.

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