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Somewhere Rosie O’Donnell’s breathing into a paper bag; see which Trump tweet sent her over the edge

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They say don’t poke the angry bear, but it doesn’t take much prodding when that bear happens to be angry Rosie O’Donnell.

Rosie’s dream of President Trump’s impeachment may have come to a screeching halt on Tuesday when news that CNN was hit hard for pimping out false Russian collusion stories.

On Monday,  it was revealed that three CNN reporters were forced to “resign” after a “massive f*** up” story on Russia. It only got worse for CNN on Tuesday, when secret video was released of a network producer admitting the whole Russia thing is mostly just “bulls**t.” 

All of this pans out to be great news for President Trump, who didn’t waste much time hitting Twitter:

Even Jared Kushner couldn’t ignore Melania’s dress as she wowed everyone in the Rose Garden


That’s what put Rosie over the edge, and Trump’s vindication sent her into a rage:

A Trump supporter chimed in and asked Rosie when she’d be leaving the U.S. had she promised during the election since it doesn’t look like Trump will be leaving office anytime soon.

Then, Rosie turned her rage on her too:

Nice, Rosie. Keep it classy.

But Rosie wasn’t done with “Jenny” quite yet and took a lower blow when another Trump-hater chimed in.

Pretty soon we might see Rosie holding up a severed Trump head, and no one would be surprised if she doesn’t keep at least one in her closet. But for now, she’s just going to direct her rage wherever the wind takes her. And it’s going to be a long 3.5 more years (at least!) for Rosie.

Who knows, if she even saw Trump’s follow-up tweet to the one that set her off above.

Acosta furiously argues with Spicer over camera-less presser: Cut the theatrics, ‘there are no cameras on, Jim’


Somewhere Rosie’s breathing into a paper bag.

Deep breaths, Rosie… deep breaths.


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