Eric Trump triggers libs with his new shaved haircut

President Donald Trump’s son Eric sent liberals into hysteria when he debuted a new haircut.

Eric Trump sported the trendy new style, with the side of his head shaved, on Fox News Sunday and promptly set off Twitter.

Even though celebrities like David Beckham, Brad Pitt, and Adam Levine have worn their hair in similar fashion, liberals assumed Trump’s new do was a sure sign he was following in the footsteps of those on the alt-right, like white nationalist Richard Spencer.

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The haircut triggered Esquire and the Huffington Post as well.

And that prompted a shot from Dana Loesch who called out the “morons” in a Nazi panic.

Loesch was not alone as Twitter users promptly called out the liberal drama queens.

Of course, these are the same unhinged liberals who gave us Samantha Bee’s epic fail when she mocked a pro-Trump attendees at CPAC 2017 for having “Nazi hair.” Turned out, one of those she targeted was a patient undergoing chemotherapy for stage 4 brain cancer.

Maybe the left can’t find the lessons to be learned from their own mistakes but Twitter users were on hand to help with hairstyle education.

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Frieda Powers


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