Dems float Crazy Maxine for House Minority Leader post, and James Woods LOVES the idea!

Some Democrats interested in winning again someday are rightly undone with current House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s feckless leadership, continual losing and otherwise general batshit craziness.

So, what dynamic, inspirational, fearless leader is being trotted out to replace her?

Why, ‘Crazy’ Maxine Waters, of course!

Because, well, liberalism is a mental disorder.

Conservative actor and Twitter provocateur James Woods, for one, loves the idea…

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Does anyone really need to ask why? The myopic Left may think most folks love Maxine’s crazy antics and incessant “Impeach 45!” blusters, but the silent majority – including this black Trump supporter who trashed Waters on Saturday as a “black racist” who exploits the black community to gain votes – are just shaking their heads and wondering how this woman manages to continue to get elected to public office.

To have her represent the Democratic party in the House, well, that would be almost too good to be true … for Republicans.

Naturally, Woods got plenty of response to his tweet:

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