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Democrat calls conservative Supreme Court Justices the ‘horsemen of the apocalypse’

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All talk about civility and unity have been tossed to the wind as Democrats hyperventilated about the Supreme Court decision to partially reinstate President Trump’s travel ban.

Democratic Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono blasted the Supreme Court Justices for heading toward a path to “extremism” as their decision apparently spelled the end of the world.

“Neil Gorsuch who I did not support as a Supreme Court Justice, he’s joined two of the most conservative Justices, Clarence Thomas and [Sam] Alito on the court to take the position that the entire injunction should have been lifted,” she told MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell on Monday.

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“This is like the three horsemen of the apocalypse and they’re waiting for the fourth one to come along so that they can go on there trend towards what I call extremism,” Hirono continued.

Mitchell did not challenge the Hawaii Democrat’s earlier statement that the partial reinstatement of the travel ban for people from six predominantly Muslim countries was “still a Muslim ban.” The lawmaker used the term again and Mitchell, once more, did not correct her.

“And that’s exactly – you know, I’m not surprised at all that Neil Gorsuch is right in there with Thomas and Alito in wanting to pretty much tell the president, ‘You just go right ahead, impose a Muslim ban.’ I’m glad that the other justices are not there quite yet,” Hirono said.

President Trump hailed the Supreme Court decision as a “clear victory for our national security” in a statement Monday and tweeted as well.

But for unhinged Democrats like Hirono, U.S. national security must take a back seat to the needs of non-citizens.

“It’s hardly a clear victory,” Hirono told Mitchell, “and in fact everything that the president talks about, everything is great, wonderful, it’s still a Muslim ban. And by listing a part of the injunction, by creating a category of people who will be able to come in by showing a bona fide relationship with people or institutions in our country, I don’t know what that means.”

The Hawaii Democrat shared her comments on her Twitter account and featured the hashtag #MuslimBan.

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