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Social justice warriors are hating pro-Trump Roseanne Barr, but she’s getting plenty of love for these gems

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We’re not sure what’s come over Roseanne Barr, but Trump supporters are lovin’ it!

A perusal of Barr’s Twitter feed shows a patriotic actress tweeting things that are driving social justice warriors batty, to include linking to — egad! — Breitbart News articles.

The actress once said “we would be so lucky” if Donald Trump won the presidential election and tweeted “PRAYERS ANSWERED” on election night when it became clear that Trump would win.

Barr is not above re-tweeting posts from President Trump, but here are a few recent efforts of her own, starting with this gem:


Not surprisingly, she’s not above taunting the left over their gender-infused madness and intolerance of those who fail to fall in line:


But liberals have to draw the line somewhere and celebrating America as the land of equality for women seems to be that place for the party of identity politics.


Here a collection of some of the responses from the haters:

But the number of supportive tweets far outweigh the negative, as seen here:

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