Black unemployment falls to 17-year low under Trump, but guess who libs are giving the credit to?

The number of unemployed black people has fallen to a 17-year low under President Donald Trump.

As the left works hard to create the caricature of a “racist” president, the numbers suggest he is far better for the black community than his predecessor, former President Obama, was.

A sharp increase in black unemployment reached its peak of 16.8 percent in March, 2010, about a year after former President Obama’s 2009 inauguration, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

Black unemployment is traditionally double that of white Americans, since records began being kept in 1954, according to a 2013 study by Pew Research, but the numbers are neck and neck for nearly the entire first year of the Obama presidency.

The overall unemployment has fallen to 4.3 percent nationally, with African-Americans at 7.5 percent.

But will President Trump be given credit by anyone on the left for the steep decline in black unemployment?

If social media is any indication, the answer is, not likely.

Ok then, who is?

I you were afraid the tweets wouldn’t become ridiculous and asinine, fear not.

But, in fairness, there was stiff competition for dumbest tweet.

You might notice that other than stomping their feet in a tantrum, no one is giving an alternative reason for the decline in black unemployment. Only anti-President Trump statements.

When he campaigned for president, President Trump asked black Americans “what the hell do you have to lose” in giving him a chance, and a vote.

And he has shown, in a mere three months, that they had a ton to gain.

Those who were able to see past blind hatred for the president touted that fact.

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Carmine Sabia


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