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Canadian PM Trudeau just said such great things about Trump that his audience thought he was joking

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Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau praised President Trump as a man who listens to opposing views and keeps his word.

Trudeau’s audience at the Toronto gathering where he spoke on Thursday thought his remarks were rather funny, The New York Times reported.

“No, I can understand the laughter but there’s a lot of politicians who have a deep, vested interest in being right all the time and therefore close themselves off sometimes to facts or evidence or differing opinions,” the liberal leader said at the event organized by the New York Times and the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto.

“What I’ve found from this president is he will listen to arguments made. He will look at the ensemble of facts and proposals of impacts you put together, and he will be open to shifting his position,” Trudeau continued.

His comments may be surprising given that the liberal prime minister disagrees with Trump on major issues like trade, immigration and climate. The 45 year-old leader who calls himself a feminist staunchly supports the North American Free Trade Agreement and has welcomed 40,000 Syrian refugees into Canada’s borders.

After regularly criticizing NAFTA  as “the worst” trade deal in history, Trump recently decided to renegotiate the agreement rather than just back out.

Trudeau, on the other hand, supported the deal and believes Trump will come through as well on one of the major issues facing the U.S. and Canadian relationship.

He told the Toronoto audience that he was  “100 percent” certain that NAFTA will be in place by 2018.

“NAFTA will remain a hugely important and successful trade deal for both our countries,” Trudeau said.

He also told the audience that he found that President Trump kept his promises.

“I have always found that whenever he has made an engagement to me or a commitment to me on the phone or in person, he followed through on that, and that is someone you can work with,” he said.

Watch the full video from The New York Times below.

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